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  • Who We Are

    AIS-CTC is an all-volunteer collaboration of adult adoptees, parents by birth and adoption, supportive family and friends, and counselors and professionals. You're invited to join the conversation. For more details, explore the "Check Out Our DNA" section on this page.  
  • What We Provide - Free!

    Welcoming community. Search tips and assistance. Emotional support and insight.  Post-reunion guidance.  Legislative advocacy.  Education. Humor. Refuge. Hugs or high-fives upon request.
  • Why We Do It

    Adoptees deserve equal rights to birth identity. Heritage, story and genes matter.  A lot. Parents never forget and need a voice, support and compassionate closure.   Relinquishment and adoption should be done in an ethical and transparent manner.  
  • Recent Law Changes!

    AIS-CTC actively supported the unanimous passage of four bills focused on access to records for adult adoptees and birth parents in 2014 and 2015. Thank you, Colorado General Assembly! To learn more about the new laws,  click on the COAccess 2014 icon below.    
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PBS' Caldara interviews proponents on new laws.


Got records? Share your photos on our FB page!

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What's in a name? A lot. Adoptees given rights to original birth certificates.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel follows three adoptees as they find roots. Click photo for full story.

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Check Out Our DNA.

All Volunteer. 40 Years. Whodathunkit?

  • Mission +

    Our mission is to bring truth, healing and education to those touched by relinquishment and adoption. Read More
  • Core Values +

    1.  Truth, not lies. 2.  Love, not fear. 3.  Forgiveness, not shame. 4.  Always. Read More
  • Mutual Support +

    Because life is messy, complicated and expensive, everyone needs a little help sometimes. We've been there, and know firsthand what you're going Read More
  • Activism +

    There are three ways to create law: through legislation, ballot initiatives, and published court rulings. If you have a passion to see Read More
  • What to Expect +

    It takes courage to attend your first meeting. We appreciate that, and want you to feel safe and comfortable because you're among Read More
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  • Adoptee and filmmaker Jeffery Togman has won the 2015 Platinum Spotlight Documentary Film Award for We're Not Blood. The film competed with submissions from around the world, and was one of only about forty to receive the highest level award possible. Adopted at birth, Togman's entry into fatherhood forces him
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  • The Colorado General Assembly passed three more bills supported by AIS-CTC after unanimously passing two landmark measures in 2014 (see related news item). HB 1106 was signed by Governor John Hickenlooper at 2:!5 pm Monday March 30! The bill, a cleanup measure to clarify an alleged ambiguity, confirmed that records
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  • A new form to apply for a non-certified copy of the Original Birth Certificate should be available on the CDPHE website no later than Monday, January 4, 2016. The State Court Administrator's Office has updated Form JDF 532 as of 2/15. Be sure to read all instructions on Form JDF
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